Passionate About Helping Others

I love working at the Agatston Center for Private Medicine.  It’s a design that allows me time to get to know my patients well, and to give each person all of my attention.   


As a group, we are focused on prevention, both for cardiac issues, as well as cancer, inflammatory processes and chronic disease.  So, we make sure that each patient is kept up to date on standard testing, according to guidelines, and then we see where we may want to do more.  For some people, it may mean personalized cancer screening and genetic testing.  For others, it may mean more attention to food choices.  For others, there is a component of stress management that we may be able to improve.   Each person needs a personalized plan for achieving their version of Optimal Health, and that’s what we offer.


In my years of practicing medicine, I have certainly come to believe that a big component of how we feel physically is derived from what we choose to eat and how we choose to move our bodies (exercise!).   Because of that belief, I am pursuing my masters in nutrition, hoping that I can bring that extra level of knowledge to help my patients.   And it takes us back to basics.  As Hippocrates taught us:  Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  We still may add a sprinkling of medicines in, at times, but food seems like a great place to start!


South Beach is an amazing place to talk about Optimal Health. So many people here already live an amazing lifestyle.  We have the sun, the water, the fresh air, and the great energy of the beach.

Fun Facts

I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Nutrition and encourage healthy eating, sensible sleeping, and creating a healthy balance in work and play.​

Judi M. Woolger MD, FACP

  • Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine


Chief Medical Officer

  • Agatston Center for Private Medicine


Associate Professor of Medicine

  • Voluntary faculty

  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


Agatston Center

1691 Michigan Ave

Suite 500

Miami Beach FL 33139

305 538-3828

Fax: 305 538-1979

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