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About Judi Woolger MD

Dr. Judi Woolger is synonymous with premiere health care in South Florida. With over 30 years of experience in sunny Miami, Dr. Judi Woolger, M.D. FACP, is an internal medicine physician with extensive experience in executive health.


Her decades of leadership in the Executive Medicine Group at the University of Miami Health System was essential to the development of the institution’s progressive program. In 2018, after completing her masters in Nutrition, Dr. Woolger moved to The Agatston Center for Preventive Medicine.  Dr. Agatston is the author of the popular South Beach Diet and the coronary calcium scoring system to predict cardiac disease years before it becomes a problem.  Dr. Woolger is the co-author of the new Keto Friendly South Beach Diet with Dr. Agatston. Dr. Woolger attended the University of Florida College of Medicine and performed her residency at JHS-Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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  • Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

  • Masters of Science in Nutrition, with a concentration in Functional Nutrition

  • Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition

  • Chief Medical Officer at the Agatston Center for Private Medicine

  • Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

  • Voluntary faculty at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

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How does Concierge Medicine work? Can I use my insurance?

In our office, your annual fee covers a very comprehensive annual exam, which includes the history and physical examination, EKG, treadmill stress test, bone density screening, metabolism assessment, vision screen and comprehensive blood tests.   We will manage all the scheduling of any additional needs, so that you do not have to spend hours on the phone making arrangements.  You will be able to use your insurance for all testing done outside our office, such as radiology studies, procedures, and seeing specialists.  In addition, you can always expect same day appointments when you need them, and access to the doctor via cell phone, via text, email.



Cell (305) 606 8768

Office (305) 538 3828

1691 Michigan Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

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